Monday, April 16, 2012

Back to work/school

Today is our last day off track ever! Crazy to think next year we'll be traditional. I guess we'll have a longer summer and more time for the kids to drive me completely insane! lol! I don't really want to go back to work tomorrow but at the same time I am glad we are the kids haven't been easy to manage this past week and I have tried not to yell but have found myself yelling more than I like. Ugh! I'll have to try a new tactic! So I got to go scrap-booking all weekend it was great! I got a lot accomplished and got a well needed break from the kids. No I have 2 goals I am going to be working on this week. First is to finish up this class I have been working on for like 2 months now. It has dragged on far too long so I need it done and over with. Second is I need to lose weight! I already limit my "junk" intake so now I need more exercise and eat a little better. I need a new routine I can live with, but that is the part that is complicated. seems like mine and Jared's schedules clash so much that I don't have time to squeeze anything in. I guess I'll start in baby steps this week and every afternoon try to work out on the wii for 30 minutes. Then I can start figuring out how to actually get to a gym or go walking. I think what I really need is a support group! If I just had one person who wanted to exercise with me it would be easier to get together with someone and just go. I think I'll check around and see if anyone is interested or see what I can work out with Jared even if it has to be right before bed. Somehow I am going to have to juggle my schedule to fit in time for studying and exercise even if that means taking the kids with me!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012


So for those of you who don't know, for Easter we got the kids baby chicks. Megan got one too so we have 6 and as the kids were starting to pick out names Clyde (Jared's dad) said we couldn't name them pet names as in about 6-8 weeks we will have to eat them. Apparently these are meat chickens and will grown rapidly and then become too fat for their poor little legs to hold them up. So the names are: Chick-fil-A, Cordon Blue, Malibu, KFC, Rotisserie, and BBQ. Yes, they are quite funny names and we had so much fun brainstorming what their names should be. They are getting in their wing feathers. The kids put them out in a kennel during the day but today we discovered they can get out as I went outside to check on them and all 6 were sitting on the grass next to it. Elisa fixed it up to try to keep them in and it worked most the time. Now it is raining and they are in a box on the kitchen counter stinking the place up. Yuck! I need to get some more cardboard boxes to rotate them through. Once they are bigger they can sleep outside. Maybe in a week or less (I hope!). The kids adore the chickens and ask constantly if they can go play with them. Little Roo especially LOVES them! She will cuddle it and hug it and kiss it and hide it in her shirt when you tell her to put it away and come inside. She tries to be so sneaky, lol! I will have to upload some of the pictures we took when we first got them and then I will have to upload updates of them periodically as well. I promise I will do better at this blogging as I don't keep a regular journal any more and this is fun and I guess semi personal. I don't know who if anyone will be reading my blog, but it doesn't matter right now it's for me!

Monday, April 9, 2012

Where have you been?

So I am beyond behind as usual and so I won't make a commitment to doing better at posting because I probably won't even though I want to. Today has been a horrible day off track and I am wishing we could go back to school tomorrow instead of next Tuesday! I decided it would be fun to go on a candy factory tour at Mrs. Cavanaugh's. Well the tour was nothing like the Sweets factory tour we'd done last year during one of our off-track times and the kids were restless watching the 2 videos they had for us to watch and were running around the room, pushing the benches around and hitting and kicking each other. Megan and her boyfriend Jake were there too and it's a good thing to or we might have just gone home! So somehow I survived the tour and we came home and the kids watched a movie for most of the afternoon and then came the evening time and time to get things cleaned up and well let's just say that things are still not cleaned except the kitchen because I did it. It's 9pm and going to bed sounds WONDERFUL right now, hot bath would be good too if I could fill the tub without the water heater running out of hot water before the tub fills all the way! blah! One of these days I'll go down there and figure out what the heck is wrong with it and fix it, but until then, not hot bath's. Well this is all for today.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Ruby's 1st Birthday!

Took Ruby to Toys R Us where they sang to her & gave her a balloon & a crown!
Ruby loves to play with our phones, so we got one of her own that wasn't so expensive!
Ruby has learned to sign 'baby' and loves all the little babies at church so we got her a set of her own. She sleeps with one every night now!
We had cake & ice cream at my friend Debi's house. Ruby couldn't wait to dive in!

Ruby thoroughly enjoyed her cake and even tried to get herself more cake!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

For the Moms!

Came across this today and it seemed to reflect my chaotic day & thought I should share it. After all what good is it for me to write poems and never share them.

Mom, Mommy, Mother Dear

They're driving me insane,
wearing out my name.
Mom, Mommy, Mother Dear
I can't stand another tear.

I want this or that.
He took my favorite hat.
She pushed me and I fell down.
It's always something every time I turn around.

So I take a deep breath, let it out slow.
I try to keep my voice ever so low.
I count to ten,
then do it again.

I give a hug and a kiss
and know this I would miss.
So on I go with another day,
tomorrow will be better I pray.

For a Mother's job is never done.
Peace and quiet sometimes there is none.
Though no matter what the day brings,
tomorrow it will start all over when the alarm clock rings!

-By Edna Habel January 18, 2010